ADE (Arizona Department of Education) -  The Department of Arizona state government chartered with distributing funding for education.

Annual Financial Report (AFR) - Detailed report of what a school district actually spent during a fiscal year at a school level and at a district level.  


Budg-25 Budget Verification Report - Report posted to the ADE Web Site for school districts; verifies accuracy of Adopted Budgets submitted by school districts; this report is used by school entities to gauge budget issues throughout the fiscal year.

Budg-45 Annual Financial Report - Report posted to the ADE Web Site for school districts. Used by the school districts to check mathematics and acts as a correction report.

Budg-75 Expenditure Analysis (Over-expenditure Report) - Acts as a “snap shot” of how the school entity “closed out” the prior year; report run once annually around November 1st; this report is posted to the ADE Web Site for school districts.


Common Logon - A web-based, user interface accessible from containing numerous links to web-based applications related to the Student Accountability Information System (SAIS) and other database systems used at ADE.

CSF Detail - A file providing Classroom Site Fund (CSF) details. This is a single-page file, which is planned to be merged into the Expenditure Budget in the future.

CTDS - A number assigned by ADE pre-SAIS to identify an individual school, made up of county, type, district, and school codes.




Edit/Update Report - Whenever a file is processed with or without business rule errors, this report is automatically generated.

Expenditure Budget - A budget type which includes spending data items at district and school levels.   

Expenditure Budget Worksheet - A file containing some formulae for budget-related calculations. The amounts from the entire worksheet are used on the budget limit pages of the budget.


File Type - The Budgets system accepts three types of files: XML, Excel (xls), and Text (txt).   

Fiscal Year (FY) - A 12-month period for which an organization plans the use of its funds. For ADE the fiscal year is from 1 July to 30 June.








MST (Mountain Standard Time) - The time zone in which Arizona is located.






Revenue Budget - Budgets submitted at the district level related to tax base issues which identify the sources and amounts of revenue anticipated by a school district.  


SAIS (Student Accountability Information System) - An ADE computer program for collecting student-level information. In an effort to bring greater accountability and efficiency to school funding in Arizona, the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) developed the Student Accountability Information System (SAIS). The SAIS System replaces the previous DPS6 School Finance Systems. The purpose of the SAIS is twofold. The SAIS enables the administration of state funding and federal aid to the schools, as well as enables analysis and research to support educational legislation and policy.

Student Counts - The SAIS Student Counts System is a set of subsystems that are responsible for importing and aggregating various counts required for funding purposes. The Student Counts System involves processing aggregated student data.  

Submission Reference Number - A unique number automatically generated by the Budget system for any attempted Budget file submission. This number is used in all portions of the application to refer to a specific submission.



User Name - A unique identifier of someone who can use or access an application. For the Common Logon, this is the first initial and last name of that person (with additional characters added as necessary in the event of identical names).





XML (Extensible Markup Language) - The preferred file type for Budget files. This is used for defining data elements on a Web page and business-to-business documents.  



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