Uploading Files to ADE

This portion of the Budget application is restricted to authorized users and allows schools, school districts, or charter holders to submit budget-related files to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) as required. If users did not originally access the overall application using ADE's Common Logon, they are routed to provide required login account information. (NOTE: Associated due dates for Budget files are listed on the School Finance main web page under the Budgets, Annual Financial Reports, Affidavits link in the Due Date section.)


**Bypass steps 1 - 3 if you originally entered the application via Common Logon.

Step 1. Click on the Upload link to begin the upload process. This re-directs the user to provide user login information on ADE's Common Logon page.




Step 2. Enter required information and click Continue.


Step 3. Click the School Finance File Upload (Budget/AFR) link from the Application Access Menu.

**Begin here if you originally entered the overall application via Common Logon.

Main Budget Upload Page

The main Budget Upload Page opens as partially shown in the image below. The subsequent table describes the fields appearing on this page.


Step 4. (Continued from above) Make appropriate selections in all the drop-down boxes.

Step 5. Click on Browse button to locate the file to be uploaded.





Fiscal Year

Fiscal year of the data within the file being uploaded. This is not necessarily the current fiscal year.

File Type

Select one of the permitted file types according to the file currently being submitted.

.xls - Microsoft Excel file type. More information is at this location:


.txt - Text file type.

.xml - Extensible markup language. The required XML schema are at this location: http://www.ade.state.az.us/schemas/default.asp

(NOTE: The file type selected must match the type of file being uploaded or an error will occur.)

Type and Version

Select the Budget type and version combination for the file you are submitting. If the file contains multiple types and versions, select at least one type/version contained within the file. Only valid combinations for the selected fiscal year will appear as selection options. If a specific type and version has already been submitted, it will still appear as an option but an error will occur if a duplicate is submitted.

File Name / Browse

Click on the Browse button to locate the file you wish to upload.

Upload File

After the appropriate selections are made, the user finally clicks on this button to submit the selected file to ADE.



Step 6. Select the file to be uploaded by highlighting it and clicking the Open button. The File Name box is automatically completed with the name of the file being uploaded.




Step 7. Click on the Upload File button.




File Processing Screens

The next two screens appearing show details of the file transmission and verification status. Do not close the window before the transmission confirmation is displayed. If the browser window is closed prematurely, the transmission is interrupted and a failure message is displayed.






After the upload steps have been accomplished, the File Verification Page displays a submission reference number as shown below and the initial file status.

Submission Reference Number

The File Verification Page provides a submission reference number and indicates the success or failure of the transmission. Whenever a file is attempted to be transmitted to ADE, a submission reference number is assigned to it. This number refers to a specific submission and is used in all portions of the application for tracking purposes.



Successful Transmission Message

"The file was successfully transmitted by John Smith for the ABC Unified School District" appears on the screen indicating that the initial step of file submission has occurred. If the file was uploaded and a submission reference number provided, the status of the submitted file may be checked in Submitted File Status portion of this application. Click here to learn about checking file status.

Error Message

If errors are displayed, the file was not received by ADE or there was something wrong with the file. Errors displayed on this screen indicate issues that need to be corrected prior to resubmitting the file to ADE.


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