Viewing Budget Reports

ADE regularly generates and posts reports to this web page based on budget data submitted to ADE. These reports provide users extensive details of various types of budget files submitted to ADE. This portion of the Budgets application is accessible from the Reports link on the Budget application home page.


From the Districts/Charters Home (Budgets) page, take the following steps to view certain reports and data.


Step 1. Click on Reports link as shown below.




Step 2. Select the fiscal year for which the data pertained.

Step 3. Check the box provided to include Edit/Update reports.

Step 4. Click on Go button.  



The table below describes the fields appearing on the Budget Reports page.




Fiscal Year

The user selects the fiscal year (FY) for which the data to be previewed pertain. Users may select the default of the current FY, a previous FY, or all FY's.

Include Edit/Update Reports

The user may elect whether to include the Edit/Update Reports in the report list by clicking/checking the box provided. The report is described in the table below.


After the appropriate selections are made, the user finally clicks on this button to then view the report lists according to criteria specified.



Step 5. Click on the link to view the specific report itself. The link lists the report abbreviation, the report title, and date and time of the report.






Budg-25 Budget Verification Report

Verifies accuracy of Adopted Budgets submitted by school districts; this report is used by school entities to gauge budget issues throughout the fiscal year; this report is posted to the ADE Web Site for school district.

Budg-45 Annual Financial Report

Used to check mathematics and acts as a correction report.

Budg-75 Expenditure Analysis (Over-expenditure Report)

Acts as a “snap shot” of how the school entity “closed out” the prior year; report run once annually around November 1st; this report is posted to the ADE Web Site for school districts.

Edit/Update Report

Whenever a file is processed with or without business rule errors, this report is automatically generated.



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