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'ALL' Fund Alerts
The following is a list of grants available to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs). Fund Alerts posted in the last 4 weeks will be flagged as NEW. If the grant has an online application, it will be flagged as ONLINE under Application format. Grant applications that also have downloads will be flagged as YES under Downloads?. If there is a download associated with the grant, please view the bottom of the grant profile (View Download Files button) or visit the Application Downloads link from the Grants homepage.
ADE Administered Funds
Application Format Name Downloads ?
Downloadable Application 2014 - ARIZONA PHYSICAL THERAPY ASSOCIATION - Grant for Promotion of Physical Education 2014 Yes
2014 - AZ Charter Schools Program Round I No
2014 - AZ Charter Schools Program, Round II No
Online 2014 - Emergency Immigrant Funding No
Online 2014 - Emergency Immigrant Funding - Carryover Renewal No
Online 2014 - IDEA - Basic Entitlement Yes
Online 2014 - IDEA - Charter School Expansion Act Yes
Online 2014 - IDEA - Monitoring System Grant Yes
2014 - IDEA - Preschool Grant Yes
Online 2014 - School Safety Program - Round Two Yes
Online 2014 - Title III LEP Program No

Non - ADE Administered Funds