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Funding Name 2014 - IDEA - AT Tech for Learning Communities Program Area Exceptional Student Services
Authorizing Statute Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) Funding Source Federal
Funding Type Grant-Pool
To lay the foundation for capacity building and systemic change in their schools, teams of educators known as Tech for Learning Communities (TLCs) will participate in 13 days of training workshops in fundamentals of assistive technology and Universal Design for Learning during the school year 2012-2013. Training will be conducted by internationally recognized leaders of assistive technology (AT) with support provided by the Arizona Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services (ADE/ESS), AT Team. All team members are expected to contribute to the training of other education professionals in the home public education agency (PEA).

ADE/ESS is extending an invitation for eligible district or charter schools to apply for this grant-supported team training program. The program includes a series of outcome-driven training events over a one-year period. At the end of the year, the team will be equipped to more fully apply new skills while working with students with disabilities.

Grant funding is allowed for up to five team members per to pay for the following training-related expenditures:
* Team training registration, which includes breakfast, lunch, and break snacks on training days
* Teacher substitutes for members to attend scheduled trainings
* Travel expenses for teams whose school sites are located a minimum of 50 miles from the training site (i.e., mileage, lodging, and meals that are not covered by the team registration fee)
* Printed and online resources and materials distributed in the trainings that are aligned with training content

Seven hours of continuing education units (CEUs) per team member for participation in each training day will be awarded. 
Eligibility Requirements
A nonprofit PEA that serves students with disabilities aged 3 through 21 is eligible to submit an application for individual school team training participation and receive this funding as the designated fiscal agent if it has:
* Submitted the most recent special education census and/or is serving students with special needs;
* Applied for current year IDEA Basic Entitlement funds;
* Received approval from ADE/ESS for the revised policies and procedures aligned with IDEA 2004 (absence of this approval will negate the award of this and other IDEA discretionary grant funding); and
* Paid in full for previously attended ADE/ESS trainings.

School districts, district schools, and charter schools that have had team participation in this training last year may be required to wait one year before another grant-funded team is allowed to participate. Individual team members that have received this training in the past will not be allowed to attend again without the approval of the director of Special Projects the ADE/ESS AT team. For more information, contact one of the ESS AT team members.

Although this is a non-competitive grant-funded training, the program is limited to a maximum of 15 teams. ADE/ESS will accept complete grant applications for eligible schools that identify team participation on a first-come, first-served basis. The following issues will be considered when selecting team participation:
1. The online grant application has been submitted through the GME by the submission deadline and has been completed according to the instructions provided in this RFP, which includes receipt of the SIP postmarked by the same date. The GME automatically queues the grants in order of submission. ADE/ESS will start from the first one received and work down the list until all 15 team positions are filled.
2. Applications that miss the 15-team cut-off limit but are otherwise complete will be put on a waiting list in order of submission. Teams on the waiting list may be given the opportunity to participate if a selected team must surrender its place in the program prior to the first training day. 
Eligible Subgrantees
School Districts
Charter School
State Agency
Applicable Goals
Goal 1. Provide leadership by initiating and advancing improvements to public education.
Goal 3. Ensure maximum academic and financial accountability in public education.
Goal 4. Deliver high quality customer service.
Fund Totals
Federal : 100,000.00
State : 0.00
Other : 0.00
Total : 100,000.00
Range of Awards 1.00
Award Apportionment
Formula : 0.00
Discretionary : 100,000.00
Administration : 0.00
Technical Assistance : 0.00
Total : 100,000.00
Application Process Non-Competitive
Application Available Date 04/15/2013
Application Due Date 06/30/2013
Project Period Begin 07/01/2013
Project Period End 06/30/2014
Spending Term 12
Contact Information
Contact Name Celia Kujawski
Phone (602) 432-3213 Email