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Fund Alerts
The following Fund Alert pages are intended to provide information about state and federal education grants and funds that are administered either by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE), or by other entities. Fund Alert information provides an overview description of each fund accompanied by a contact person(s) who can provide further information about that Fund Alert.

The Fund Alerts are organized by eligible recipients, and are then catalogued into two categories. The first category, ADE Administered Grants, consists of federal or state allocated funds administered by ADE and available to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) through an application process. The second category, Non-ADE Administered Grants, consist of federal or state allocated funds administered by other agencies or entities and not necessarily available only to LEAs.

  • School Districts
  • Charter School
  • State Agency
  • Community Based Organization
  • Community College/University
  • Child / Day Care Center
  • Private Schools
  • Other
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