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Academic Achievement
Neglected & Delinquent

Subpart I - State Agency Programs

Title I, Part D, Subpart I — State Agency Programs
agencies that operate educational programs for children and youth in institutions or community programs for neglected or delinquent children and youth in adult correctional facilities.

State agency eligibility

A state agency is eligible for assistance under this subpart if the agency is responsible for providing free public education for children in facilities for neglected or delinquent children, community day programs, or adult correctional facilities.

Student eligibility

To be eligible to participate in state agency programs, students must be youth under age 21, entitled to a free public education not above the twelfth grade and enrolled in a regular program of instruction at an eligible institution or community day program for twenty hours per week or fifteen hours per week in an adult correctional facility.

Regular Program of Instruction

A regular program of instruction is an educational program (not beyond grade 12) in an institution or a community day program for neglected or delinquent children that consists of classroom instruction in basic school subjects such as reading, mathematics, and vocationally oriented subjects, and is supported by non-federal funds. Neither the manufacture of goods within the institution or community day program nor activities related to institutional maintenance are considered classroom instruction.


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