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TABE 201 (Online) Standardized Test Administration and the TABE 9/10
This course is a facilitated online course, and fulfills the TABE 9/10 Refresher Training requirement as cited in the Arizona Adult Education Assessment Guidelines. This course is designed for a variety of learners including administrators, support staff, and instructional staff. Participants in this course should expect to spend an estimated 4 hours per week for a total of 8 hours over two weeks. You must have completed the face-to-face ADE/AES sponsored TABE 9/10 Test Administrator Training PRIOR to registering for this training. Participants will review the TABE 9-10 test administration procedures and processes as well as basic standardized testing proceedures to comply with assessment requirements for TABE Test Administrators approved by OVAE. Participants in this course will need to assemble the following materials in order to complete this online course: 1. TABE 9/10 Survey Test Directions 2. TABE Form 9 Survey Test Book 3. TABE 9/10 Norms Book Complete Battery and Survey 4. TABE 9/10 Practice Exercise and Locator Test In order to complete your registration and to access the course when it opens, you will need to log into IDEAL and the copy and paste this URL into your browser and register at the bottom of the page:  

Who Should Attend: Previously trained TABE 9/10 Test Administrators
Contact: Patrick Smith @ 602-364-1694
Online Apr 20, 2015 - May 4, 2015 @ 8:00AM - 4:00PM 19 $50

All Dates and Times are Subject to Change
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