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Our mission is "to purchase and receive goods and services in the right quality and quantity from the right supplier to meet customer needs."

We support the Department by providing purchasing and contracts management services.

We purchase and contract for goods and services that are educationally oriented and related to the operation of the Department, such as:

  • consulting services,
  • student testing, and

We purchase goods and services.

  • From vendors that have been awarded state contracts by the State Procurement Office (SPO)
  • From Department contracts developed for specialized goods and services that are not on state contracts, and
  • From open market vendors

Procurement Documents

Arizona's State Procurement Office (SPO) maintains a bidder's list for all state agencies. When the Department (or any other State agency) performs procurements over $50,000, we use their bidder's list. Registration is easy and free. Register online at

This Hotline is provided for anyone who may have a question or concern about school procurement practices.

To review a specific ADE contract or bid.

  • Go to
  • On the home page click "Contract & Bid Search."
  • Then click the radio button for "Contracts/Blankets," or "Bid"
  • On the Organization pull-down select "Arizona Department of Education" & then click "Find It."
  • The results will then display. To view a specific contract or bid, click on the highlighted link


How to Contact us:

Telephone Number: (602) 364-2517


Name/Title Specialties
Douglas Peeples - Chief Procurement Officer Building Leasing, Catering/Food Beverage Services, IT Consultants, P-Card/Travel Card Administrator, Services Buyer
Clay Dones - Sr. Procurement Specialist Contracts Specialist & Services Buyer
Jo Summers - Procurement Specialist Commodities & Services Buyer


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