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Accountability Division
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AIMS Results

This report wizard will provide AIMS summary data for each school, district, county and the state.

- In order to produce your summary report: select the appropriate options, the desired format and click the 'Get Report' button.

- The amount of time it takes to process your request may be affected by the options you choose and how busy the ADE servers are when you attempt the request.

 1  What type of Data Breakdown ?
No Breakdown Breakdown by Ethnicity Breakdown by Gender
 2  What Year ?
 3  What Grade ?
 4  Which Schools ?
All District Schools Charter Schools
 5  What Level of Aggregation ?
State County District/Charter Holder School
 6  What Category (only applicable to 2002 and later) ?     Explanation ...
Category 1 Category 2 SPED AIMS AIMS-A
 7  What format ?
PDF Tab-Delimited Text File (for use with Microsoft Excel or similar programs)
Please note some districts or schools may not be reported in AIMS summary data due to continuing data verification. These districts and schools will be included as data verification is completed.

This test data may undergo updates or modifications in the future. Therefore, the report may change in the future.

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