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Submission file size has been reduced from 10Mb to 3Mb. This has been modified to accommodate our system and to provide LEAs with a quicker processing time for import files.

SAIS Information

Official Notice of Pupil Withdraw for FY 2010 onwards
All schools must use this ADE form or an exact replica of this ADE form, this form is for FY2010 onwards.
Word Document (Microsoft Word 2000)

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The Arizona Department of Education in their commitment to provide quality data services will be performing a rewrite of our current SAIS software. As a result, the legacy documentation from the current version of SAIS will no longer be maintained. Changes implemented before the deployment of the new version will be added to this portal as new documents rather than integrating new rules into existing documentation.


SAIS System

Student Accountability Information System

SAIS Student Detail Database System


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