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    The purpose of the School Report Card Program is to provide comprehensive, yet concise, accurate information about each Arizona school in a standard format which is easy to understand, allows meaningful comparisons to be made among schools, and shows school accomplishments from year to year.
    The goal of the School Report Card Program is to disseminate this information to students, parents and interested community members so that they can work together with their schools to ensure that Arizona provides every student with access to an extraordinary education.
    Send mail to reportcards@ade.az.gov with questions or comments about this web site.
    Arizona Department of Education
    Academic Standards & Accountability
    To ensure academic excellence, for all students.
    To implement the fair assessment of all students and report accountability information to the public.

    GOAL: Academic Standards & Accountability
    To communicate critical information to the public.

    LaDonna Woodworth email: lwoodwo@ade.az.gov
      phone: 602.542.5022
      fax: 602.364.0887

      Click "Search & Review" in the left menu if you wish to review a School Report Card.  
      The Arizona School Report Card Program is maintained by the Arizona Department of Education Research and Policy Division.  

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