Senior LEA Officials

Initial Service

The senior official(s) of each local education agency (LEA), as identified by the Arizona State Board of Education or the chartering sponsor, shall be notified of their UserName and be given a single-use password, both by first-class mail. (NOTE: Senior officials who already have an account as of November 2002 will continue using that account). Upon first use of the password, the official will be required to (a) acknowledge their understanding of, and agreement to the terms of, the ADE Acceptable Use Policy; (b) enter a permanent password; and (c) enter a secret security word that can be used at a later time to confirm their identity.

(NOTE: When choosing a permanent password, do not use a password identical to your UserName. Avoid using passwords of easily obtainable information (e.g., birth date, social security number, telephone number, spouse’s name).


Password Resets

If a senior official should lose or forget a password, the official should access the ADE web site, go to the Common Logon page, and click on the “Lost Password” link. The official will then be asked for both UserName and secret security word. Then, upon successful reply, the official will be (a) asked to acknowledge their understanding of, and agreement to the terms of, the ADE Acceptable Use Policy; and (b) given a single-use password. The user has three attempts to login and answer the password reminder question. The user account will be disabled if they fail in three attempts. If unsuccessful, the single-use password is then sent from ADE to the official by first-class mail, just as if this were a new account.


Set Up Application Users

All other ADE web-application users within any LEA must be assigned either by the senior official(s) or by a user designated for that purpose by the senior official(s). The senior official must enter them by name and function using the LEA Core Data application accessible via the Common Logon main menu. After accessing the application, refer to the specific Help file for extensive information on its usage.


Once the user’s name and function have been entered using the LEA Core Data application, the senior official or designated user must request a UserName and password to enable the user to access ADE applications. The official or designated user gives the UserName and single-use password to the LEA user, and gives permission(s) to access one or more applications.



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