Security Information

The Arizona Department of Education understands that security is a necessity for certain areas of the SAIS web site. Where necessary, the ADE has  strived to offer a high level of security:

We use industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and currently allow 40-bit encryption. Two-part consumer authentication (including a personal password that only you know) further assures your information is protected and private.

How Encryption Is Used To Protect Your Information

Encryption is the transformation of data into an unreadable form, and decryption is the reversal of that process. Both encryption and decryption require the use of a special code, usually referred to as a key. The security level of the key is dependent on the browser itself, and whether or not the browser is using 40-bit or SSL encryption.

The encryption of data provides a strong degree of protection against tampering while data is moving through the Internet. The ADE-SAIS site requires a secure browser that supports SSL encryption to communicate with you. From the moment you enter your User ID until the moment that you log off, any communication from Secure Areas on the site and the ADE-SAIS site are encrypted to protect your privacy and the confidentiality of your Account information.

You will know your information is encrypted when your browser displays a closed lock or completed picture of a key on the bottom of your screen.