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    To Update LEA Contact information

    Please email and request that information is updated through Enterprise on Common Logon.


    Below are sample instructions

    • To begin searching, click on what you want to search by. i.e., school/district name, city, county, zip code or CTDS.
      Enter the search criteria in the field that appears and press go.
      Like this:
    • When searching by name or city, you can enter part or all of the name or city.
      Tip: If you don't know the first part of the name enter a % (wildcard) in front of the name you enter as in the sample above. (It is not necessary to enter a % at the end.)
    • CTDS=County Code, Type Code, District Code & Site Number
    • Maps are provided for your convenience via a link with Arizona Department of Education is not responsible for their accuracy.
    • Based on the search criteria specified, the results returned can be quite large.

    If you experience a timeout, try being more specific with your criteria or search by county where the search will be broken down by letter of the alphabet.

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