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  • Kyrene del Norte School
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    CTDS: 07-04-28-143 Entity ID: 5303
    Entity Type: In An Elementary In High School District Entity Nature: School
    County: Maricopa Grades Served: PSD-5, UE, PS
    Mailing Address:1331 E REDFIELD RD, TEMPE, AZ 85283 -413
    Physical Location:1331 E REDFIELD RD, TEMPE, AZ 85283 -413
    URL Address:
    Business Manager:Jaime Soto  (480) 541-1370 
    504-ADA:Becky Winans  (480) 783-3082 
    ADE Application User:Elaina Bruce  (480) 783-3345 
    Tracy St. Clair  (480) 783-3372 
    Kathy Lane   
    Kathy Lake  (480) 783-3371 
    Ruben Johnson   
    kylee ware   
    violeta caballero   
    Norte believes that all children can and will learn. Our belief is that the achievement of high standards of learning is an expectation for all students. Respect and responsibility will be demonstrated in all that we do. Through the recognition of contributions from a variety of ideas, values, and cultures, our school system will continue to be diversely enriched. Exceptional education exemplified by hard work and dedication will foster positive relationships at our school, with our families, and with our community.
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    07-04-28-000 | Kyrene Elementary District
    07-04-28-142 | C I Waggoner School
    07-04-28-138 | Kyrene Akimel A-Al Middle School
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    07-04-28-158 | Kyrene de la Estrella Elementary School
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    07-04-28-147 | Kyrene de la Paloma School
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    07-04-28-144 | Kyrene de las Lomas School
    07-04-28-159 | Kyrene de las Manitas School
    07-04-28-157 | Kyrene de los Cerritos School
    07-04-28-151 | Kyrene De Los Lagos School
    07-04-28-145 | Kyrene de los Ninos School
    07-04-28-146 | Kyrene del Cielo School
    07-04-28-160 | Kyrene del Milenio
    07-04-28-143 | Kyrene del Norte School
    07-04-28-140 | Kyrene del Pueblo Middle School
    07-04-28-141 | Kyrene Middle School
    07-04-28-152 | Kyrene Monte Vista School
    07-04-28-149 | Kyrene Traditional Academy
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