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  • Desert Horizon Elementary School
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    CTDS: 07-04-92-013 Entity ID: 5418
    Entity Type: In An Elementary In High School District Entity Nature: School
    County: Maricopa Grades Served: PSD-8, UE, PS
    Mailing Address:8525 W OSBORN RD, PHOENIX, AZ 85037 2738
    Physical Location:8525 W OSBORN RD, PHOENIX, AZ 85037 2738
    Principal:Suzanne Jaramillo  (623) 772-2430 
    Debby Cruz  (623) 772-2430 
    Site Contact:Suzanne Jaramillo  (623) 772-2430 
    ADE Application User:Phyllis Clawson  (623) 772-2430 
    Suzanne Jaramillo  (623) 772-2430 
    Cal Thogersen  (623) 772-2430 
    Jessika Moreno  (623) 772-2580 
    Jennifer Erpelding  (623) 772-2580 
    Arika Forshee  (623) 772-2430 
    La Shae Griffin  (623) 772-2430 
    Nicole Ott  (623) 772-2430 
    Jessica Puckett  (623) 772-2430 
    Stephanie Kooser  (623) 772-2430 
    Jennifer Diesing  (623) 772-2430 
    Adrienne Razo  (623) 772-2295 
    Margaret Santa Cruz   
    Teri Ward  (623) 772-2290 
    Michelle Dodson  (623) 772-2290 
    Timber Anderson   
    Sarah West   
    Mikala Solarez   
    Nancy Chadwick   
    Mission: As a Desert Horizon community, our mission is to educate and empower all students to become global citizens who strive to reach their full potential. Vision: Inspiring and growing tomorrow’s leaders, today! Collective Commitments At Desert Horizon we are committed to: -Setting high expectations for student excellence. -Focusing on college and career readiness. -Building a strong community through communication and collaboration. -Leading by example using integrity and a strong work ethic. -Implementing data driven instruction consistently across the campus. Goals: -To increase percentage of students performing at or above the proficient level. -To focus on consistently implementing a rigorous and relevant curriculum with State Standards. -To build strong community relationships that engage families with their student’s academic and social success. -To support students with academic achievement, we will motivate and engage students to come to school each day and be on time.
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