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  • Life Skills Center of Arizona
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    CTDS: 07-89-80-201 Entity ID: 80300
    Entity Type: Charter Facility Entity Nature: School
    County: Maricopa Grades Served: 9-12, US
    Mailing Address:8123 N 35TH AVE STE 2, PHOENIX, AZ 85051 9403
    Physical Location:8123 N 35TH AVE STE 2, PHOENIX, AZ 85051 9403
    Entity Administrator:William Flake  (602) 242-6400 
    Administrator:Diana Lopez   
    Business Manager:Jared Kittelson   
    Nathan Flaker  (602) 242-6400 
    LEPS:Stephanie Schumann   
    Site Contact:William Flake  (602) 242-6400 
    William Flake  (602) 242-6400 
    Authorized Signers:Philanders McNeary  (602) 242-6400 
    Dave Roberts  (602) 242-6400 
    ADE Application User:David Crawford  (602) 242-6400 
    The Life Skills Center of Arizonas mission will be to provide a comprehensive and positive educational experience for high school youth that have not succeeded in a traditional learning environment. The Center will impart to each student the knowledge, desire, and confidence needed to succeed with academic and workplace goals. The Center will strive to teach, guide, and support each student through his or her educational growth and development.
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