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Standards and Assessment Division
Arizona Academic Standards

Curriculum Mapping Resource Page

Why curriculum map? If our ultimate goal is to improve student learning, then it is critical that the processes which guide instruction be thoughtfully examined. Curriculum mapping is an ongoing process that is grounded in the collaboration of teachers as they reflect on the essentials of student understanding. Teachers focus on the complexities of student learning while they unwrap the knowledge and skills that ALL students must know and be able to demonstrate. Curriculum mapping is a model based on teacher conversation that results in analysis of the content standards along with the alignment of curriculum resources and carefully linked assessment.

Best Practices for Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum mapping affords educators a tool to gather data, communicate with colleagues, and make informed decisions concerning the planned curriculum and actual taught curriculum that leads to student academic success. Whether you are just beginning or have been mapping for quite some time, the guidelines and sites listed below are provided to help you with this important work.

The Principals Partnership Research Brief. This paper defines and lays out steps for Curriculum Mapping with research references included.

Backward Design. Dr. Grant Wiggins discusses the key ideas of Backward Design as well as its importance in the mapping process on his website.

Mapping the Journey to Student Success. This article provides insights, links, and sources on Curriculum Mapping.

Keys for Learning. This article from McREl provides links and resources on Curriculum Mapping when answering the question, "How can we align our district's curriculum with our standards."

Links to Arizona Curriculum Maps

The Arizona Department of Education in collaboration with external curriculum specialists has developed a rubric for evaluating curriculum maps. We are interested in posting exemplar curriculum maps in order to assist districts and schools in developing or modifying their maps. Please see rubric attached below.

The ADE will not review the quality of resources that are referenced within individual maps or the degree to which they align to the Arizona Academic Standards. Inclusion of any particular curriculum or resource in the maps does not constitute endorsement, approval, or recommendation for adoption of that curriculum by the State of Arizona or the Arizona Department of Education and its offices. All selection of curricular programs or items is made by local school boards or administrators.

If you would like to submit your map for review, email

ADE Rubric for evaluating curriculum maps

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