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Data Collection Dates for Districts

Report Due to ADE Due Date Contact
Proposed Budget (approved & uploaded) July 5th
Adopted Budget (approved by Board) July 15th
Vehicle Inventory July 15th Your LEA Account Analyst
Adopted Budget (uploaded) July 18th
PEA/LEA Calendar Before September 1st Your LEA Account Analyst
Annual Financial Report October 15th
Affidavit of Publication Within 30 Days of Publishing
School District Employees Report (SDER) October 15th Your LEA Account Analyst
Absence Approvals April 15th Your LEA Account Analyst
Final Budget Revision (approved by Board) May 15th
Final Budget Revision (uploaded) May 18th
Transportation Route Report 12 Days after 100th Day in Session Your LEA Account Analyst
Student Level Data (SAIS Submissions) Mandated by A.R.S. ยง15-1042. Student level data to be submitted to SAIS at least once every twenty school days. Greater submission frequency and validation suggested and encouraged. Your LEA Account Analyst
Student Detail and ADMS Reports Validate all SAIS related reports for ADM, SPED, and ELL data submissions on a frequent and regular basis. Your LEA Account Analyst

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