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     Generating The List

    You will generate a list in one of the following formats
    (please select one)


    File Formats Available User Level Description
    HTML FileBeginnerStandard web page
    Text FileIntermediateDelimited-comma separated



     Instructions for creating lists with the List Wizard
    • For each page, you will be presented with an option. Click on the selection of your choice or use the default provided and click Next.
    • After all options have been offered, click Finish to generate the labels.
    • You may also use the Back button to go back and change options or click Start Over to begin again (when they are available).
    • Upon completion, a link will appear on this page to connect to your list.
    • Depending on the options you choose, you may have several pages and as few as none.
    • The list will be displayed in either HTML* or plain text** file format depending on what you choose.
      • HTML format will give you a web page with a table of the information.
      • Text file format will allow you to import the list as a source for most label programs, mail merges and spreadsheets. The field names are included as the first record. Each field is separated by a comma.
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